My name is Kristi Simon, President & CEO of the Central Maryland Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is a regional professional organization serving over 400 businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the Baltimore to Washington DC region. The CEO of Leading Ladies of Integrity, Jacqueline Duncan, conducted a workshop for the members of the Chamber earlier this year on mental health, wellness, and stress management. It greatly benefitted our guests and helped them address their stress levels while giving them tools to put into action to lead a healthier lifestyle. After experiencing one of Jacqueline Duncan’s sessions, I have no doubt these impactful trainings will build our community member’s capacity to respond to disasters and emergencies. I’m confident that you will find her training will be well worth it.

Kristi Simon, President & CEO, Central Maryland Chamber of Commerce

Jacqueline Duncan’s incredible leadership skills and knowledge have been proven to be impactful and transformative not just to My life but also in the lives of hundreds of women who have attended her sessions or events. Not only does Jacqueline’s expertise produces amazing leadership results for women like myself who is a pastor, leader, author, and TV host, but her teachings on stress and anxiety also have improved the mindset of many to stay the course and handle every challenge with poise, confidence, and courage. Jacqueline’s astute understanding and methodology of leadership are absolutely second to none.

Wanda Martin, Pastor, goal-setting Expert, Author, and TV Host

“Jacqueline Duncan is a results-driven professional whose courses bring life-changing benefits. I took her “Overcoming Stress and Anxiety” course, which was an informational game-changer. As a leader, she is skilled in developing purpose-driven connections that unlock the full potential of clients and team members.”

– Shawn Moss, CEO of LSM Global, Published Author, Public Speaker, Conference Host, LLOI Executive Leadership Team, and former WFTD Radio News Director & Reporter.

“I attended one of Jacqueline Duncan’s workshops on stress and anxiety. Not only did her workshop point out areas in my life where I needed “self-care,” but it also provided valuable practical tools such as breathing exercises, but it also highlights how my body handles stress. I would highly recommend her workshop, especially for those women in business or leadership roles who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders! She is a GEM!”

Dr. Barbara Palmer, President/CEO Kingdom Kare, Inc, 1350 Blair Drive, Suites G & H, Odenton, Md 21113

You made it so understandable. My life is changing daily through journaling, meditating, forgiving, goal setting, and focusing on my true self. The impactful information I gained through your Master Class has been awesome. You have pushed me to find my purpose. Thanks, Coach J!

Yolanda Moore

Life-Transforming!  That’s how I would describe the Purpose Pusher Inspire Master Class.  This class has already been powerful beyond my expectation.  Unique in its approach to inspiring you to unapologetically, discover, embrace and utilize your God-given gifts and abilities.  This class celebrates and inspires you to be confident in your authenticity to do what you alone were created to do, to bring forth the best you.
Thank you Coach Jacqueline for bringing us this powerful, life-transforming Master Class! 

Sonja E.

The Master Class, Discovering Your Purpose has been very interesting and spirit filled. I am discovering things about myself that I didn’t realize I had in me. When I first started taking this class I was saying that I didn’t know if I was hearing from God but listening and hearing the teaching of Coach J and from other women like me. Learning how to handle stress, journaling, incorporating more prayer in my life and just spending more time in God’s word has shown me that I’ve always been hearing from God but maybe not being obedient. I now realize that I have to be patient and stop holding things in. I am learning to trust God more and more each day.  The other week, on a Sunday morning I was lying in bed thanking God for all his blessings and just thinking about all that he’s done for me and my family; and in the midst of all of this I heard God’s voice say Titus. So I began to read and pray. (I’m not sure yet why God directed me here) I believe the Master Class is helping me stay focused on my Goal that I set earlier this year.  I made a commitment to myself to stay focused on me.  Do things that would bring me closer to God and make me a better me. Taking this class was a good choice and a step in the right direction.

Carolyn D. Goss
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